Halloween is a difficult topic in and around church. Some people see it as an innocent time of dressing up and taking their kids out for some candy. However, others see it as the celebration of an ancient evil holiday. So, why do we have our Fall Festival on the night celebrated by many as Halloween? Here are a few reasons:

First, it can be used as a Halloween alternative. For those who choose not to celebrate Halloween, we offer a safe place where kids don’t even have to dress up. Families can come, eat, and allow their kids to play games while still picking up some candy.

Second, it is a great way to minister to our community. We are loving this city by providing a safe, fun time for kids and families. We do this at a time where families are searching for such a place.

Finally, it’s an opportunity to spread God’s love and plan for a world where evil exists. Regardless of how you feel about this time of year, we have an opportunity to share God’s love and initiate conversations that open the door to the Gospel. Plus, we always have Sunday morning guests who learned about our church through the Fall Festival.

Would you be willing to love on our city by signing up to help? You may do so through your small group, or click here to help Pastor Dathan in the preschool area.