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‘The Weekender’ provides food for students

the_weekenderLast school year, Maury County had more than 6,500 economically disadvantaged students. During the school year, The Weekender project provides 105 students at Riverside Elementary School with non-perishable, nutritious, kid-friendly food packaged and delivered so students can take home for the weekend.

Research has shown that in schools with a program like this attendance goes up, test scores go up, and behavior improves. We need:

  • Protein: Pop-top, microwavable soup or pasta

  • Breakfast: Pop-tarts, oatmeal packets

  • Fruit: Single-serve canned fruit, applesauce, dried fruit (raisins, plums, cranberries)

  • Misc: Single serve mac-n- cheese, peanut butter crackers, single serve 100% juice, granola bars.

  • Please drop off the items at Information Central, the Office Entrance, or Faith Hall Entrance.

The Weekender is a joint ministry of our Food Pantry and Women’s Ministry. Contact Heather Lovin with any questions: HEATHER