There are more than 40 scriptures in God’s Word that tell us to care for the orphan. God has also provided His perfect plan to care for the world’s 150 million orphan children – His church.

Many children are orphans because one or both parents have died, and many other children are orphans because they do not have a loving family structure even though one or both parents may be alive. We want to care for any child who is in distress.

While the Bible is clear that we should adopt the orphan as God adopted us through His son Jesus Christ, that is not the only way to care for orphans. Not all Christians can adopt and not all orphaned children are adoptable in the sense that they can be brought into our homes.

However, every Christian is commanded to care in a meaningful and practical way. There are ways every Christian can help orphans in their local area or state, domestically or internationally.

Mike and Kelly Bellamy lead our Orphan Care Ministry. Here’s their adoption story:

Our privilege and responsibility

  • We are to defend their rights. (Psalm 82:3)
  • We are to speak up for them as advocates. (Proverbs 31:8)
  • We’re to feed them. (Matthew 25)
  • We’re to clothe them. (Matthew 25)
  • We’re to protect them from those who mistreat them. (Isaiah 1:17)
  • We’re to ensure justice for them. (Deuteronomy 24:17)
  • We’re to share our resources with them. (Luke 3:11, Romans 12:13)
  • We’re to find families for them. (Psalm 68:5-6) Adapted from Pastors.com

Operation Christmas Child

This worldwide ministry through Samaritan’s Purse provides children with shoeboxes full of toys and clothes. The Gospel message is also shared with each child in his or her own language. Contact Pastor Joey Scruggs for ways you can get involved: 931.388.2655 or email.


There are a lot of resources available for families who are considering adoption. Contact the Bellamys with any questions you may have (see ‘Contact Us’ section below).

Online Resources

Resource Central (our church library) Resources. Resource Central is open Sundays from 8 to 10:45 a.m. and Wednesdays from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

Contact Us

Want to get involved but are unsure how? Contact our Orphan Care Ministry leaders Mike and Kelly Bellamy: james127@thefirstfamily.org.